That Was 2020…

That Was 2020…

With 2020’s season a distant memory, we’ve had the chance to reflect, adjust and add to our fleet. Whilst Covid brought with it some seriously sad times, it also opened our eyes to something that we took for granted – home!

On our doorstep and all around us, we have hills, rivers, canals, mountains, coastal paths, beaches….the list is long and fantastic! 2020 started slowly but then came the summer ‘boom’ with so many people wanting to have a go at paddle boarding.

We spoke to new SUPers, old SUPers, young, old, adventurous, fun seeking and many different people in between. It was clear to us that this was a very good year for paddle boarding, and for peeps to understand the rewards of stepping on a board.
The physical as well as mental well-being found on the water is unexplainable. But it is inevitably felt by all those that tried it.

It gave me time to think“, “I loved the peace“, “it was exciting and too much fun” – were just some of the comments we had, and we completely agree with every single one!

Paddle boarding means different things to different people, with many different disciplines and reasons, there’s no right or wrong way to feel. Bottom line is, if it makes you smile – it’s good!

With 2021 on the horizon, we have been very lucky to link up with FatStick Boards again and this year and they have provided us with more boards new equipment, better shapes and even more fun in each SUP package!

We are excited about new locations, new boards, new starters, lessons and all the possibilities that ‘could’ come with a vaccine in the pipeline!

We will begin our hires in March and will endeavour to run through to October as 2020 was a short year for us. Here’s hoping the FatStick Boards will get a good run out next year!

If you’re looking to join a group to learn more, we’d definitely recommend Stand Up Paddle UK on both Facebook & Insta. We’d also recommend staying away from the heavily established groups on Facebook as they become over crowded and extremely noisy. Most peeps have good intentions, but become very outspoken.

The best way to know whether you like SUP and which board is right for you is to try it. It’s that simple. It doesn’t even have to be with Sandbar….you can find places all over the UK and get those feet wet!

If you’re in the south and are a lady, there is a fantastic group for Ladies Only called the Hayling Island SUP Girls. This is run by a Hayling lady who has a deep passion for paddle boarding and her advice is impartial and the group very welcoming. So there you go…2020 is nearly done and over with. Here’s hoping 2021 brings a little hope, peace and happiness!

See in next season….but we’re still here if you have any questions.

Andy and Sam

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