Why Stand Up Paddleboarding

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding

A Simple Question

To some, SUP is the ‘be all, end all’ and to others, it couldn’t be less enticing. To us, at Sandbar SUP, it’s incredible and the source of simplicity, serenity, detachment and friendship.

Let’s Roll This Up Into A Nutshell

Ever since we stepped on a board, there was an instant connection. It was a ‘lightbulb’ moment. We always had it in our head that one day we’d head out there, after all, we live right on the beach, why wouldn’t we?

Those days rolled on and luckily, Nick Kingston knocked the door and said ‘today’s the day dude. Let’s go’! So we went and since that day, we’ve never looked back.

Grateful for what Nick did, and mores the point, how he knew it would make us feel.

We were in, hook, line and sinker!

Fast forward a few years and in those few years, we’ve been working closely with FatStick and Reuben May in order to not only understand the boards and their construction, but also the science behind the different shapes and the needs behind each individual.


We ‘dipped our toe’ in 2019 and bought a small fleet of FatStick Inflatable Paddleboards. These proved very successful with hires coming our way from Sailing Clubs, Boat Clubs, friendship groups and people wanting to ‘try before they buy’.

Whilst this was happening, Andy had booked and taken his Flat Water SUP Instructors course with Andy Joyce from SurfSteps and after completing the course, he booked up his Surf Lifesaving qualification course (also with Andy Joyce).

Now complete, Andy is an ISA qualified Flat Water SUP Coach and not only did he do the lifesaving course, he stayed on and took the Open Water SUP qualification.

As Andy hasn’t been SUPing as long as some, he wanted to get the full picture and truly understand all aspects of the sport and certain techniques that can’t be learnt without a little guidance or time on the water.

Now fully qualified, Andy is there for lessons, guidance, help and advice…..just not surfing! That is a discipline he is yet to grasp – but it’s on his list – as is a lot of dunks!


What will 2020 bring? Well, there’s a question!

Moon on a stick time? We have lots in the pipeline! And we mean LOTS!

Hires – We will still be offering hires of boards, wetsuits, PFDs and all the other equipment needed for a fun SUP session.

Lessons – We now offer lessons, ranging from one2one sessions, complete beginner to Intermediate/improver lessons. We also now have SUP Pup Lessons available – something Andy was taught by Nick Kingston (a man who has been in the water for many years) – before you take anyone or anything on your board with you, are you capable of rescuing them/it? If you can’t do this without your board, you should definitely think twice.

Therefore, a few lessons in a safe environment, with supervision will help you understand and grow in confidence.

Group Sessions – Sandbar can now offer Group Paddles and even Team Building days. With 12 iSUPs and 5 Foamies, there are plenty of options available to you. Whether gathering a group of friends together for a little fun with a little supervision or bringing your work team together for a SUP Safari, there are ways we can help.

Help For Others, Because Of Others

Now we have the equipment and the qualifications to teach, it is important for Andy to give something back. Paddleboarding has a unique way of settling the mind and being on the water gives you time to hear yourself (a phrase coined by Matt Radford from The Lagoon). Basically, it’s a complete detachment and time for you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Owing to the success of charities such as the Wave Project, Surfability and also Surf2Heal, Sandbar will be extending their services to mental health charities. There is so much positivity that can be gained from being on the water – so much so that Sandbar will not be charging for this service and intend on giving up 1 day a week, every week.

Because of this, the fantastic Clive from C&L Management has taken time to meet with and listen to Andy. Clive has now sponsored the project and this has allowed us to purchase wetsuits and other equipment to make it possible.

So thank you to Clive along with C&L Management.

Lastly, we have made an awesome connection with the epic Boat Club Trafalgar, Trafalgar Wharf & the Drystack and also Ribs For Sale. Both Sam and Andy provided iSUPs for the Ribs For Sale boat show in the summer last year and with such a positive mood surrounding the SUPs, it would seem as though we will be down there a lot more this year.

With great facilities, amazing views and a boat or two, maybe you should head down their to check them out.

Watch This Space

There’s so much more to shout about, but for now, we’ll leave it here and take the time to send a MASSIVE thank you to Sam Rogers & Reuben May and also to wish you all Happy New Year and here’s to 2020!

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